Polyzos Research Group

We have moved to a new website. You can view it here: https://polyzoslab.com/

Our research programme is focused on the discovery of catalytic reactions and the development of enabling technologies to address two frontier challenges in modern chemistry:

Firstly, achieving the direct synthesis of structurally diverse and complex molecules with the enzyme-like efficiency observed in Nature, and secondly developing efficient, sustainable methods for molecular assembly.

We pursue these challenges though the development of catalytic methods to enable the direct functionalisation of C-H bonds via transition metal and photoredox catalysis. We have a profound interest developing asymmetric synthesis methods within this context. Research in our group combines these approaches with flow chemistry methods to enable precise control over reaction parameters and scalability.

Our laboratories located at the University of Melbourne and Australia’s national research agency, CSIRO, to foster deeper collaboration and industry engagement.

A picture of the members of Polyzos research group